Overcoming Depression

Next week Be in Health will be hosting a Specialty Conference that can help you overcome depression. Dr. Henry Wright will be bringing 30 years of ministry experience to reveal new understanding about depression as well as the spiritual causes. 

Read below for a sample of what will be taught at this one-day conference.

Your enemy knows that the things like bitterness and guilt and fear, if allowed to remain within your consciousness, can be used by him to control you. When your spiritual dynamics are compromised by the enemy in a manner that he can control your body and he can control your chemistry, then he can put depression or any other psychological or biological malfunction on you when he feels like it.

He can do this because depression, by definition, is no more and no less than a chemical imbalance in the body induced externally or internally.

When the enemy can influence your thought process, he can also control your chemistry. Tweet this! When you have serotonin deficiencies, you don’t feel good about yourself because there is a deficiency of the chemical that God created in you to make you feel good chemically. For every thought that you have, conscious or unconscious, there is a nerve transmission, a secretion of a hormone or neurotransmitter somewhere in your body to react to it.

And when you start listening to that fear, you start listening to that self-hatred, you start listening to that guilt, and you start listening to that rejection, your body is secreting chemicals in response to those spiritual attacks that are counterproductive to your peace.

Your enemy knows this very well. It’s about time you know what your enemy knows about you so that you can defeat him at the pass. You don’t have to be a victim nor do you have to be ignorant nor do you have to die of a disease and go to heaven to find out why you died.

An excerpt from Dr. Henry Wright, A More Excellent Way

For more information on this conference, visit our informational page here.

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