In our newest iamchanged webcast, we explore the subject of Occultism. It is a vital part of the For My Life program. With the knowledge imparted by this teaching, we can learn to discern occultism in our lives and learn to follow God instead. Be encouraged as you watch the excerpt from the teaching on Occultism and find insights into the following points below:

  • Find out what “traditions of men” and “rudiments of the world” mean and how they can get in the way of our relationship with Father God.
  • Could evidence of occultism be found in our family tree?
  • What did Lucifer say and decide to do in his rebellion against God?
  • Learn how Satan deceived Adam and Eve and continues to deceive us today.
  • Who does the Word identify as the “god of this world”?
  • Learn how Satan counterfeits the Godhead in our lives.
  • Find out how Satan’s kingdom can give us thoughts as if it were our own mind.
  • Learn about how a well-known psychologist was taught by evil spirits in forming his theories and concepts.
  • Learn about “automatic handwriting” and how this form of occultism was instrumental in the writing of a popular book.

We all confront the temptation to follow Occultism. With God, we have the opportunity to overcome. If you enjoy what you see in this excerpt we invite you to come and attend our For My Life week-long course dedicated to giving you discernment to understand the various ways we can all become ensnared in physical and emotional troubles. Through this program and the Walkout Workshop, learn solutions according to God’s Word to help you along your journey to freedom and overcoming.

Be blessed!

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