No More Darkness

We want to encourage you that there is an abundant life after difficult life events. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, abuse, divorce, or witnessing violence, our Father’s will is still for us to have a wonderful life. If that is His will, then He will make a way. So why do many people, even believers, stay stuck in the circumstances of past events? Our enemy has a plan. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is no accident; it is a planned event, and the reason for someone developing PTSD begins before the traumatic event occurs. Tweet this!

Is there a way to prevent it? Is there something we need to do to prepare our hearts for when the circumstances of a fallen world try to bring us down? We will all face tribulations and trials. Paul didn’t develop PTSD with all he went through, and neither did the disciple John. Why?

If I do have PTSD can God heal me? Absolutely! But one of the primary ways our enemy ensnares us is through ignorance. We just didn’t know what was going on and how to handle the things we were facing. Be in the dark no more! The teaching on Overcoming PTSD will bring the issues behind PTSD into the light. Once we have knowledge, the Holy Spirit will use that to help us bring our lives back into order so that you can overcome this disorder.

Be Blessed!

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