Knowing the Father Loves Me

Experiencing a relationship with God and understanding His love firsthand is life-changing. Lori shares her journey of growth in relationship with God when she started to see Father God’s love for her. Her testimony is such an encouragement – especially in walk out.

I was raised in the church but never learned or felt like God loved me. My perception of God was based on my experience with my earthly father who abandoned me at four years old with no contact. I have always been a seeker and had looked for God any place I could think to look. At times in my life my god became drugs and relationships. Fortunately I was healed from this some years ago but have still struggled with other forms of addiction which I learned at the program were all out of a need to be loved.

My life changed during my experience at For My Life just last June and I began to experience God on a real and personal level.

At the end of the week I was blessed to have an amazing discussion with Pastor Henry that sealed in my heart that God loves me. As he talked to me about us being equals, I actually “got” for the first time that God loves me in the same way that He loves Henry. This was a life changing moment for me. Tweet this!

After For My Life I struggled with the thought that I was constantly under attack. Then a woman at the Hope of the Generations Church service told me that it isn’t necessarily that we are attacked more, although this may occur, but more likely that we become more aware of these attacks. I realized this was true and began to relax more into my walk out.

I had some residual spirits of heaviness and oppression that went way back to that initial rejection as a child and asked two women who had been through the program years ago, to pray with me over that. These women laid hands on and prayed over me and this set me free on an even deeper level and the hopelessness in my spirit just lifted.

I see clearly how God has placed people in my life that lift me up and speak His words to me which is why fellowship is so important for me today. It is critical in my walk because I see so clearly God bringing into my life people that show me and speak of His love which I so desperately needed.

All of these things have occurred through my For My Life experience. The whole experience has been amazing and life changing. My goal is to now help others experience the freedom that I have experienced and to carry His love wherever I go.

God Bless All,

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