Karen Hetz

Dear Pastor Donna and Family,

My heart feels quieted as I think about Be In Health, Pastor Henry, the staff and you.

You all have given me so much! I came in 2003 with my parents and a friend. I’ve listened to the live stream teachings and I’m now reading Pastor Henry’s current book. A man named Doug greatly helped my husband, by phone, just a few weeks ago. Rob and I are looking forward to coming as a couple to For My Life in 2020.

I have great appreciation for all you have given to me and I plan to keep reaching out to those in need.

One thing I will not forget while I was there, I saw love. You guys all walked in love! I hadn’t seen love demonstrated like that in a ministry or church setting.

Thank you for everything, I send my love and I will be praying for you all.

I will miss Pastor Henry….❤️….but he is in our future!

Surely our best days are yet to come.


Karen Hetz

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