Journey to Freedom: A Testimony of the 8Rs and 7 Steps

Sherry shares her incredible testimony of freedom through the teachings on the 7 Steps to Sin and the 8 Rs to Freedom. These teachings combined have given her discernment, peace, and understanding! 

I have learned through teachings on the 7 Steps to Sin and the 8Rs how to apply discernment to my journey of overcoming. Both teachings are powerful tools I use to understand the process that enabled me to correctly apply the principles needed in my walk out. These are the teachings that bring discernment to other teachings at Be in Health. The 7 Steps and 8Rs are building blocks to success that bring forth guided steps I have needed in order to proceed.

The enemy will “give us thoughts to see which ones we will believe.” It is through this type of discernment I have realized, when it is temptation and when I had sinned.

The enemy is counting on you not having keen discernment, so he can deceive you. He wants to get you to believe the lie that temptation is sin so you will continue in the same direction down the pathway he would like to establish. He will give you thoughts and more thoughts with feelings to back it up. He may even give you symptoms in your body to indicate something is wrong. The reality is it may just be temptation.

I have been able to discern the areas in my life where I have sinned and repented. When the enemy came back I knew how to resist. The Bible says after having done all, stand. Tweet this! This means that after repenting and resisting temptation when it returns you stand and trust God to sustain you.

I am so grateful to Be in Health for the wisdom God uses through the teachings here. This ministry is a lifeline to set in motion the mind of Christ and to know how to be a doer of what the Word says. Often we hear the Word of God taught in part, but we are left still trying to piece together what we heard. Often we lack the understanding to apply it to our life. I have peace and freedom because of God’s faithfulness in using Be in Health to bring healing in a way that gives me hope for the journey ahead. God would have us to glean from testimonies we share with one another so we can be salt and light for the body of Christ.

Thank you Dr. Henry and Pastor Donna for you dedication to be faithful stewards of God’s riches.




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