Journey of Overcoming

The following testimony shows how people who are ready and willing to change can begin the journey of overcoming at the For My Life program. Be encouraged as you read how the Sansovich family experienced just how one week can change a life. Alexandra, the eldest daughter shares from her perspective:

My mom had many allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. We were not able to travel or do many things other families could do, because she would get very sick when exposed to certain chemicals or foods and sometimes had to go to the hospital for treatment. God healed my mom through the Biblical principles taught in For My Life. I am beyond grateful that my mom is now able to experience life to the fullest with our family!
After she was healed, our family went on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise and also built a new house where she was exposed to paint, new carpet, and fumes with no reaction at all. I am so proud of my mom for overcoming, and as a result of For My Life my family is now free to experience all of life together!

What an awesome testimony! There are many others just like this family, and it is important to us here at Be in Health to keep the For My Life program within the means for all who would like to attend.
Take a moment to consider how your gift could change someone’s life. Your support will help keep the tuition of the For My Life program affordable. We never want tuition cost to prevent a person from coming, which is why many people receive scholarships annually and regular tuition is only half of the actual cost. Your gifts, at the end of 2015, will keep the tuition affordable and help us scholarship more people next year.

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Blessings to you on your own journey of overcoming!

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