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Our Introduction to For My Life  webcast helps reveal why so many people’s lives have been changed by going through this program. This video is one of a series that will give you a sample of the journey that happens here in Thomaston, Georgia. Watch as Dr. Wright explains truth from God’s Word that can transform your life!


God always desires to bless us but He is often waiting on us.

  • It doesn’t always depend on God-it depends on us too.
  • God meets us to the degree that we open our heart to Him.
  • Sometimes we can adopt a “welfare mentality” where we want God to heal or fix us, but we don’t want to take responsibility for our own actions and change.
  • God’s Word tells us that He loves to bless us but there is an action that is required of us. Tweet this!
  • If we don’t take responsibility for our life and change, this can lead to misunderstandings in our relationship with God.
  • We might think that He does not love us because we have not been healed.
  • The Word says that if we loved Him, we would keep His commandments.
  • Peter learned that we are to forgive every minute of every day if someone sins against us.

We can’t look to others to receive from God.

  • Receiving healing from God does not require a person who is “anointed” or “divine.” No human is divine-only God is divine.
  • We have no “power” of our own.
  • Every believer is anointed because we have the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit working with any believer is the “anointing.”
  • It is not mystical. It is simply Father God by the Holy Spirit working with a son or daughter to accomplish something on this earth in Jesus name.
  • It is a block to healing to look to some human rather than to God. He is the power.

God honors our obedience to His Word.

  • Many are healed when they obey God’s Word without anyone laying hands on them.
  • We often see this in the area of unforgiveness. When we do not forgive, we can end up with sickness and disease. But here at Be in Health we have seen Stage IV terminal cancer disappear when someone forgave from their heart.
  • Believing God’s Word may stretch us because we come from many philosophical backgrounds, but we can choose to believe God and be willing to let go of other ideas.
  • Sometimes what we’ve been taught may not be what God has said.
  • Healing can come at any time as we listen to God’s Word, apply the truth to our life, and open our hearts to Him.

The tragedy of science is that it does not recognize the spiritual dimension.

  • Science can be a Godless religion. It tries to replicate what God should be doing by using science to micromanage the consequences of unrighteousness.
  • Science does not recognize the spiritual dimension of humans, God, or the enemy’s work on this earth.

Lack of faith may not be the reason we have not yet been healed.

  • Sometimes we may be told that we’re not healed yet because we do not have “enough faith.” But lack of faith may not be the problem.
  • In God’s Word, faith is not the first doctrine of Christ (Hebrews 6:1). Repentance from dead works is the first.
  • There may be a dead work in our lives that is blocking our faith from working.
  • A dead work is a root issue, or something in how we speak, think or act that is not from God that is interfering with our faith. Dead works are stumbling blocks to our healing.
  • Our disease, syndrome, or issue may be the result of something that we need to recognize, take responsibility for, and repent to God for having allowed to become part of our lives.
  • If we then remove it, our faith might not be so hindered, and healing can come.

Faith is not mystical.

  • Faith is very simple: it is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1).
  • Faith is based on hope. If we have the hope that God is able to heal us, and is willing to, then we also have enough faith to receive from Him.
  • Is hope drawing you to the Father? If so, then you have the faith you need for God to meet you.
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