Health is Normal!

We need to change to line up with what’s normal according to God’s Word. In this blog, you’ll read a story of how Dr. Henry Wright has come through a serious heart attack –healthy! Even if you currently have an illness, that is not the final story. God wants you healthy and whole. Tweet this! He has hope and a path to lead you there!

I’m trying to be normal. My wife says amen. My kids are honoring me the more normal I become. When I was abnormal I drove them away. I couldn’t have a normal relationship with my wife. As we’ve become more normal, our relationship has been easier.

Four years ago I had a heart attack, and recently I met with the doctor who monitors me about every six months to make sure I’m still doing well. It was a good report. She said, ‘From what I see from your recovery, there is nothing in your body that will prevent you from living out the rest of your days in health.’ I accepted that as God’s amen! I was so thrilled to hear that. She said, ‘In looking at your bloodwork, your body has made five new pints of heathy blood on its own. Your body is producing its own blood on its own with no outside help.’ The life of the body is in the blood, so I can live out the rest of my life teaching others how to become normal. So that you can be normal.

In addition to this, my doctor said, ‘Henry, I attribute your rapid recover to three things, and none of them have to do with my basis of profession. The three things are: your profound belief in God; who you are on the inside, a positive individual; and being surrounded by others that love you.’ Those three things are this conference. Becoming reconciled to God, yourself (so you can be normal), then with others. It’s profound. I’m walking in the profoundness of learning how to be normal. Because I know what it looks like from the inside out.

Becoming normal. Not abnormal.

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