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This testimony is from the testimony section of the A More Excellent Way book by Dr. Henry W. Wright. This is from a woman who was healed of many diseases including bipolar and ADD/ADHD after she came through the For My Life program at Be in Health. 

  1. Ever since I was a little child people knew there was something ‘wrong’ with me in that I’d just sit, stare, and rock back and forth passively and not interact with other children. They suspected autism but that turned out not to be the case.
  1. Age eight (1984) I was diagnosed with severe ADD and put on medication. School performance did improve but I was still a ‘weird girl’ and experienced a great deal of rejection.
  1. Age 15 we went to California to get my brain checked out. Doctor said I had one of the most messed-up brain chemistrieshe’d ever seen and put me on new medicine.
  1. Age 16 I was raped, lost interest in school, and did a lot of psychoactive drugs for the next few years.
  1. In college I cut down on drugs and began studying.
  1. The learning problems and fear of failurekept me doing 60 hours of homework a week. Moreover, I began to abuse the amphetamines I was on by taking as much as I needed to get that speedy lift which gave me the clarity I needed to get out of my otherwise foggy mind and the energy I needed to stay up all night and study.
  1. I moved into my own apartment and left only to go to classes. I stayed away from men (namely emotionally) as I grew awkward around them due to their sexuality (which I perceived they were unable to control). Moreover I stayed away from people in general because I always needed to study. My social skills began to deteriorate and I grew terrified of people even looking at me.
  1. I had severe ups and downs emotionally and ended up coming back to God, who began to get me back out into the real world, though I still spent far too much time on school work by myself as my brain never had predictable performances (and I’d always resort to more amphetamines). I still had no real steady group of friends, much less anyone close as I kept people at a distance.
  1. Through my master’s degree I improved greatly and became closer to God but still suffered from isolation and emotional ups and downs.
  1. After my master’s I came home for a year with hopes of pursuing a Ph.D. However, within the first month of being back (and quitting the amphetamines) I developed fibromyalgia and began to become tormented by the drugs I took in high school to the point where I thought I needed to be institutionalized, so I began intense counseling. Plus I joined a sexual abuse victim’s support group to deal with my man issues. I grew mad at God.
  1. By spring I was diagnosed with bipolar III (cyclothymia). They wanted to put me on lithium but I decided (with support of my therapist) to hold off a bit and seriously look into going to a partially institutionalized program for women, thinking that my issues gave me mood swings. My mother kept suggesting something Christian but I didn’t think anything churchy would help.
  1. I read info on Be in Health and thought I might as well try. Without reading any of the material I signed up and took the course, the For My Life Program in Thomaston, Georgia.
  1. By the end of the week I was healed of fibromyalgia, cyclothymia, and by that next Monday was off all medications. Upon returning home I immediately got a job at a local cafe where I developed some close friendships with the girls there and I walked out into a new medicine-free life style Tweet this! . Within three months I began a full-time Ph.D., and within six months after that I was still off all medications, had close male friendships, was having no severe mood swings, and was leading a balanced life-style for the first time in my life!

K.K., OH


Wow! What an encouraging testimony. For more information on ways to overcome, click on the following links to resources: Iniquities of Our Fathers; Insights into Pain



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