Frame-Off Restorations in Relationships

I haven’t found anything man has manufactured that can make paint stick to existing rust on a car. Sin is just like rust. It’ll eat and eat and eat away at our spirituality. We cannot simply pretend sin doesn’t exist and try to paint good acts over it. We need to examine what is wrong with our spirituality. It is time for a frame-off restoration to remove the rust of sin from God’s people. God has called you to be a ‘classy chassy’. Tweet this! He wants to take you to the car show forever.

It’s time to get cleansed.

Don’t be blinded by the gloss of the shine painted over the rust. Sin detracts from your value, glory, and the image of who you are as creation in the earth.

The world is full of abnormal people who are attempting to act like they’re normal. There is nothing worse than seeing a Christian lose it in the Walmart check-out lane. That’s abnormal. Even in saying they’re normal, the things that come out are abnormal. We do this in churches. We end up defending abnormality. It’s called strife, debate, and sedition. Even in our marriages we defend abnormality, instead of just changing. We wonder why we’re a mess. It’s because we’re not practicing what is normal.

We’ll help you deal with the normal things, so you can follow His ways; the normal ways. If in Him we live, and move, and have our being, then all of who we are should be normal; should be normal is the key. Do you think I should preach a gospel of evil and abnormality as if it were normal?

When you sin, He still loves you; however, it interferes with your relationship with God, yourself, and each other. God wants a normal relationship with you. He also wants you to have a normal relationship with yourself, and then with others. You can’t have a normal relationship with others or yourself if you don’t have a normal relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit first. They want to have a normal relationship with you! Join His pattern for normal relationships while removing the rust under the surface that eats up what is normal.

Let’s get the rust off!

Dr. Henry Wright, Normal vs. Abnormal, Overcomers’ Conference Tour

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