The Father’s Love

The Father’s Love teaching from the For My Life program covers one of the most important truths you will ever hear. It serves as the foundation for all physical and psychological healing to begin. 

It is so important for your relationships and your health to understand that you are loved by a perfect Father in heaven! He’s not mad at you or criticizing your every move. He is working to draw you to Him and desires to heal your heart.

This I am Changed webcast contains a portion of that teaching with highlighted points below. Watch, read along, and be blessed!

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Knowing Father God’s Love for You is Foundational

  • A lot of times, the focus is on our relationship with Jesus but we are unable to be in relationship with the Father like we should.
  • It can be easier to relate to Jesus because of who He was and what He did.
  • It’s possible the reason we have difficulty relating to God the Father is because of the mistakes of our earthly fathers. And if we did not have good experiences growing up with our earthly fathers, the name “father” may be tainted even when we think of Father God.
  • We may consider our earthly fathers and the heavenly Father to be similar – but that’s not the case. Our earthly fathers have not always represented Father God to us the way they should have.
  • It’s time to release your heavenly Father from the stigma of the failures associated with your earthly father
  • Prepare to let go of the fear that says He doesn’t smile; He hates sin so He hates you, and you’re nothing. These are all lies.
  • Jesus said if you’ve seen Me you’ve seen the Father. Jesus only said the things He heard His Father saying and He only did the things He saw His Father doing. So the character and nature of the Father and the Lord Jesus are quite similar.

Healing Begins with Reconciliation

  • Over the 30 years of ministering to people, Be in Health has observed that up to 80% of all diseases and syndromes are the result of separation from the Godhead, ourselves, and others.
  • The Godhead is no longer a mystery. Tweet this! Jesus came to show us the Father. The living Word became flesh – Jesus Christ.
  • Being reconciled to the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit is critical to your journey. Not being reconciled to all three members of the Godhead especially affects diseases coming from fear.
  • Being reconciled to yourself is also very important. Many people don’t like themselves. Autoimmune diseases and tumors come from being separated from yourself.
  • Being reconciled with others can even go back to your childhood.
  • If 80% of diseases come from separation on these three levels, then healing begins with being reconciled on all three of these levels. This is also the beginning of all disease prevention.

Hearing You are Loved and Acceptable is Crucial to Receiving the Father’s Love

  • In every culture and nation where Be in Health has taught, we find that 95% of audience members do not remember hearing their earthly father say “I love you.”
  • It is important to hear these words!
  • In two of the three times that the Bible records the Father’s words to His Son Jesus, He said, “… this is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.” That’s your Father!
  • Have you yearned for the day you can hear this from a father?
Receiving the Father’s love is where healing begins! Tweet this! By seeking to establish a proper relationship with the Godhead, yourself and others you can be on your way to healing and disease prevention.

Enjoy receiving His love and hearing these words from your Father in heaven: “I love you.”

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