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Have you ever wondered how you should respond when someone hurts or rejects you?

Our first inclination may be to get even or to become resentful and angry. But that is not God’s way. God asks us to be perfect as He is, with an attitude of forgiveness. He wants to help us to see others the way that He sees us and them – separate from our sins. He has shown the power of His love and forgiveness towards us in that He sent His beloved, only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us while we were still in our sins.

We will find that as we develop an attitude of forgiveness and grow up more and more in the character of God we will walk into freedom and healing in our own lives.

We need to learn what it means to grow up into God’s character, how to live according to His ways and to see things from His perspective. This conference will discuss all of this and help you to know how you can respond in adverse situations to others, as a believer, and how to represent God’s character day to day.

Join Pastor Scott for this one day conference as he digs deep into the truth from the Bible and brings understanding to questions like:

  • What is God’s Character?
  • Who is my example of God’s Character?
  • How can I express God’s character?
  • What is interfering with me expressing God’s character?