Equipping Overcomers!

The many subjects that we at Be in Health cover are set in place to help us in the diverse challenges of life so we can actively pursue a deeper relationship with God. Overcoming is not just a matter of dealing with one part of our life, but evaluating many parts of our lives Tweet this! . We have compiled all the subjects we teach and condensed it into one week, the For My life program. If you have been through For My Life we encourage you to keep moving forward on your journey of overcoming and become a Partner.

Here is an example of someone who had their eyes opened through For My Life:

I have desired to come to Be in Health over the years, but this has been my first opportunity. I’m glad I came. For years, I have studied this type of material from several ministry resources, including Be in Health.

I enjoyed the simplicity of your presentations. I think that’s important. Since most material was familiar to me, the one that was not so much was passivity. Brings a lot of thoughts to mind and I intend to dig deeper into that subject. Thank you for opening my eyes to something I was not even aware was challenging me. I am free!

I also have been a Partner for a couple of years. I’m learning a lot and it has been very helpful in our journey!

Jan, Alabama

If you’d like to learn more about what the For My Life program offers, you can click here or watch the video here.

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