Envy and Jealousy

In our newest iamchanged webcast, we explore the subject of Envy and Jealousy. It is a vital part of the For My Life program. With the knowledge imparted by this teaching, we can learn to discern and overcome the influence of Envy and Jealousy in our lives.

As you watch the video from the teaching on Envy and Jealousy, you will find insights into the points below:

  • Find out why envy and jealousy takes our eyes off God.
  • Find out what thoughts envy and jealousy will give to tempt you.
  • Why does envy and jealousy cause us to become bitter?
  • How keeping envy and jealousy in our life can keep us from being satisfied.
  • Why does envy and jealousy cause us to tear down others?
  • How covetousness can influence us to try to get the upper hand with others.
  • A scriptural example of living without covetousness.
  • How can covetousness be linked to not trusting God?
  • How covetousness and envy and jealousy work together in our lives.

We all confront the temptation to become envious and jealous. With God, we have the opportunity to overcome. If you enjoy what you see in the iamchanged webcast, we invite you to come and attend our For My Life weeklong course, dedicated to giving you discernment to understand the various ways we can all become ensnared in physical and emotional troubles. Through this program and the Walkout Workshop, learn solutions according to God’s Word to help you along your journey to freedom and overcoming.

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