Do You Want to be Real?

Here are some some questions for you: Do you long to be real? To be yourself without feeling like you’re going to offend someone or be rejected? Does God simply want us to be ourselves? Tweet this! Being real is a core value here at Be in Health. If we are not transparent with God and each other, we will never be able to face those things in our lives that shouldn’t be there and overcome. We will never come to the Father in humility to find out who we really are. We encourage you to get real today, to accept who God says you are, and if something pops up in your life that should not be a part of you, recognize it, be honest about it and you may be surprised how God will meet you!

Complete Who AM I? Specialty Conference coming to the Overcomers’ Community.
Back in December, 2015, Dr. Wright did another specialty conference entitled “Who Am I?” Perhaps you wanted to come, but were not able to with the busyness of the holidays or maybe you didn’t know it was happening. Well, on April 1st we will make the Specialty Conference entitled, “Who Am I?” available in its entirety on our Overcomers’ Community.

Why am I here? Where am I going? Who cares? Do you ask yourself these questions? Do you struggle with who you are? Do you simply want to dig deeper into God’s plan for your life? All these questions and more are addressed in Dr. Wright’s latest teaching on “Who Am I?”


The Be in Health Team

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