In our newest I am changed webcast, we explore the subject of Bitterness. It is a vital part of the For My Life Program. With the knowledge imparted by this teaching, we can learn to discern and overcome the influence of Bitterness in our lives.

As you watch the video from the teaching on Bitterness, you will find insights into the points below:


–    How bitterness can be destructive to our lives.

–    God’s solution when we are confronted with bitterness in others.

–    The scriptural foundation for “repaying evil with good.”

–    How we can choose not to be a victim of bitterness.

–    How we may develop a deep-rooted spirit of bitterness.

–    What does it mean not to take someone else’s sin into your body?

–    What can be the consequence of not forgiving others?

–    We have a choice to make with anger.

–    Learn how to separate yourself from spirits of Bitterness.

–    Understand the importance and benefit of choosing to forgive others.

–    How can we manifest both bitterness and love depending on the circumstance?

We all confront the temptation to become bitter and angry. Tweet this! With God, we have the opportunity to overcome. If you enjoyed what you saw in this excerpt, we invite you to come and attend the weeklong For My Life Program.

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