Unravelling Iniquity in our Triple Programs

We just finished our first triple For My Life® programs of the summer. We had dads, moms, youth, and kids here together taking For My Life® classes geared toward their age group. It’s so awesome to see these families come to a place of agreement and application of Truth that brings healing and restored relationships.

One of the primary ways families can be restored is by addressing something the Bible calls iniquity. Iniquity is not just personal sin, but it refers to sins that are common to family trees. Often, the same spiritual dynamics we struggle with are the same things our parents and grandparents struggled with. For example, your mom was a worrier and now you struggle with worry. Sound familiar? How can we break free and change these patterns? We first have to recognize what is going on.

Understanding the difference between personal sin and iniquity is important. Our journey to freedom and restoration must be according to knowledge based in God’s Word. Sin and iniquity are often lumped together as the same thing, but the Bible distinguishes each and gives instruction on how to defeat each of them.

Learning how to recognize and defeat iniquity has been vital to many believers freedom, when they did not know how to get free. We want to make sure you have the same opportunity to gain the understanding behind how to recognize and defeat iniquity. So we are putting the one day Specialty Conference, Unravelling Iniquity, on the Overcomers’ Community to watch.

We are so thankful for each one of you and continue to be committed to your journey of being an overcomer.

Now Showing!

It’s here! The full one-day conference on Unravelling Iniquity is available to watch on the Overcomers’ Community.  A valuable  addition to the growing Overcomers’ Community Video Collection.

Watch Full Specialty Conferences on the Overcomers’ Community.  Sign up here for $24.99/month


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