Walk Out Workshop

Walk Out® Workshop (W.O.W.)

After For My Life™, the next step is the Walk Out® Workshop.  The term walkout refers to the journey of walking out of the old life of disease and hopelessness and into a new life of health and wholeness.  During this one week workshop our team and attendees roll up their sleeves and begin to get really interactive with the principles from For My Life™.  We will talk about things like: how to not go into guilt when we fall short, becoming established in our identity, overcoming temptation, how to forgive when you’ve been hurt, and learning to walk in the Father’s Love.  Break out groups, lots of Q & A, and continued healing of your spirit, soul, and body are all part of this amazing week.  Many people attend For My Life and the Walk Out Workshop back-to-back weeks, but if you cannot it’s recommended to come back within 6-12 months to attend the Walk Out Workshop.

We offer one Walk Out® Workshop a year in the summer for kids (6-12) and youth (13-17).  These are an absolute blast and a blessing for the families that attend.