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If you’re new to Be in Health, we want to welcome you … and introduce ourselves!

We work with people who are willing to take the steps to strengthen their relationships with God, themselves, and others, and develop spiritual, emotional, and physical health based on God’s Word.

For example, do you ever feel like you can never measure up or just can’t get it right? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why do some people get disease and others don’t?” Do you wonder why there are breakdowns in your relationships and how they can be repaired? Do you long for answers to some of the questions you’ve had about the Bible and its application in your life?

All these issues are things we’ve seen people struggle with throughout the years. Over the course of more than 30 years of case history research and deep studying of God’s Word, He has revealed the answers.

We have hope for you in your journey with God. We have looked at the Word and given people like you specific examples of what Father God meant when He commanded us to take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. Or what it looks like to repent and have hope for the future. Or even just how to trust Him and have faith on a daily basis. You can know how to live these principles!

God wants to have a relationship with you and He wants you to have the most abundant life possible. Isn’t that great? The Father loves you, and He is on your team. He wants you be able to get rid of the sin in your life. And not only does he want to show you how to do that, He wants to give you the tools and coach you throughout the whole process!

Our website is here to get you started on this journey of having a closer relationship with God, and living a more excellent way – the way He intended. We are devoted to being here for you through every step of the way with teachings and encouragements. In order to help you most, we have established a path with resources like A More Excellent Way  and programs like For My Life  and the Walk Out Workshop  so we can meet you with truth, wherever you are.

We want to invite you to get freedom in your own life and see the hope God has for your future.

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