Breaking Down the Barriers

I have never wanted finances to be a barrier that prevents our brothers and sisters from receiving freedom from the snare of the devil. Therefore, Be in Health® has always had a scholarship fund to help pay the cost of an individual’s tuition to the For My Life® program. The scholarship fund is 100% sustained by the gifts of partners like you that have a desire to help others overcome. Over the past three years, your gifts have allowed Be in Health® to provide 1,068 scholarship to the For My Life® program.

Celebrating For My Life

Celebrating For My Life

Sometimes helping to pay the tuition cost is not enough to allow people to attend For My Life®. Sometimes people also need help with lodging while they’re in Thomaston. That’s why I am asking you to give to the scholarship fund today so that more of our brothers and sisters get the help they need, even with lodging needs.

Our brothers and sisters are real people and many of them have real problems. God the Father, The Word and the Holy Spirit have real solutions without meds. The For My Life® Program has helped people find those solutions and as a result relationships are restored and all kinds of physical and psychological diseases have disappeared. God’s people are made whole when they understand His love, His word and His power. I often say, “you only need one pill, the gos-pill!”

A perfect example of how one sister was made whole by donnanaquin_letterphotoattending For My Life® on a scholarship is Donna NaQuin’s story. When we restore our brothers and sisters, we give them the opportunity to give back and restore others too. That is exactly what Donna (pictured left) did. She received a scholarship, and has been giving back to restore others ever since.

Right now you have a great opportunity to double your gift to the scholarship fund. Last year, on December 15th, we called our matching gift donor for the “Not Backing Down” campaign to let him know his match was met by you. He was so thrilled by this that he offered a $30,000 match for the scholarship fund drive this spring! That means that your gift in any amount will go twice as far when you give before April 30, 2017, which is the deadline to double your gift.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to see life after life changed by your gift!


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Dr. Henry and Pastor Donna Wrighthenry_donna