Welcome to Pneumapsychosomatology® (PPS®)

Pneumapsychosomatolgy® was conceptualized in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a meeting with Dr. Henry Wright (Founder & President, Be In Health™, Inc.) USA; Dr Frans Cronje (Medical Doctor) South Africa; Pastor Johann Witmer (Psychologist, Evangelical Care) Netherlands; Pastor Frans Izeboud (Social Worker, Evangelical Care) Netherlands: Russell Elliot Be In Health™, Inc. Asia.

What is PPS®?

Pneumapsychosomatology® (PPS®) is a pioneering field of study and application that encompasses spirituality, theology, science, medicine, psychology and psychiatry.   PPS® is a new integrative approach to health beyond disease management.  The aim is toward healing, prevention and eradication of disease through understanding the principles of the spirit, soul, body connection.



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Pneumapsychosomatology® Advisory Team


Dr. Henry W. Wright M.C.M., D.C.T.C.
Founder- President-Chairman of the Board - Be In Health™, Inc.
Senior Pastor Pleasant Valley Church
Thomaston, GA  USA

Dr. Frans J. Cronje, MBChB (UP), MSc.
Senior Researcher & Lecturer, University of Stellenbosch
Cape Town, South Africa 

Pasto Johan Witmer; Psychologist
Evangelical Care
H.I. Ambacht, Netherlands 

Mr. Frans Izeboud   M.A.sw., RN.
Evangelical Care
Be In Health™, Inc. Netherlands; Be In Health™, Inc. Europe
Houten, Netherlands

Russell C. Elliott
Be In Health™ Inc. Asia
Baguio, Philippines

Dr. William Gottlob Berlinger III, MD
Internal & Geriatric Medicine (retired)
Wayne, PA  USA

Richard C. Hutchins P T., Cert. MDT
St. Petersburg, FL USA

Dr. Ralph Johnson, M.D.
Oncology (retired)
St. Petersburg, FL  USA    

Susan Keady, Ed.S.
School Psychologist Upson County School District
Thomaston, GA  USA

Wendell Knight
Pathway to Health
Altamonte Springs,  FL USA

Pastor David Kolk, M.A., B.S.
C4U Ministries
Wilmington, NC  USA 

Pastor Granvill N Lamb, Jr.
Pastor Janice L. Lamb
New Song Church
Presque Isle, ME  USA 

Dr. David Nico Ph.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Primus D.A., M.B., B.S., M.Phil., B.Sc.
Cardiology Research
Westmoorings, Trinidad & Tobago

Rev. Dr. Kris Teshera, Psy.D., M.Ed., M.T.S., B.A.
Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice
Portland, OR USA 

Dr. James Snyder M.D.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Critical Care Medicine|
Oakmont, PA  USA

Dr. Robert “Rusty” Turner, M.D., MSCR
Medical University of South Carolina
Professor of Neurosciences & Pediatrics
Associate  Professor of Medicine, Division of Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Associate Researcher, MIND Research Institute
Charleston, SC  USA

Dr. Len Zoeteman, Senior Pastor
Calgary Full Gospel Church
Calgary, Alberta Canada