I was diagnosed with MCS/EI in 1983. I had never heard of it before and didn’t know what to do because most physicians don’t treat it. I went to two Clinical Ecologists in another state but nothing they did ever helped – I only got worse. Because of the restricted diet I was on, my weight was down to 73 lbs. I had to remove the carpeting from my home, sold some of the upholstered furniture, cut off the gas heat and bought electric ceramic wall panels for heating, etc. I lived in a large city and the doctors suggested that I move to a less polluted environment to take the load off my body so that it could heal. I stayed in an “EI safe” home in CA for a few months and then finally had to sell my house and move to Texas.

I lived in Wimberly, Texas for 1-½ years in a “safe” house with a couple who also were dealing with MCS. During that time I went to Mexico twice for their live cell therapy that was supposed to help the immune system. Nothing helped me and I was still allergic to everything – food, chemicals, clothing, exhaust fumes, perfume. As my last hope, I went to the environmental clinic in Dallas for help.

I moved to an area outside of Dallas where people with MCS went to live because they couldn’t live in the normal world. My “home” was a 20 ft Airstream trailer that was gutted and lined with foil tape. All I had inside were a few clothes I could wear, a cot to sleep on, and a metal folding chair. The kitchen and laundry facilities were in a separate building. The environment I lived in was one of sickness, negativity, hopelessness and depression. I lived that way for 8 years.

During that time I heard of a doctor in Baltimore that was having some success with this illness and I went there twice in hopes he could help me. I spent a lot of money with no results. I tried to get neutralized to different substances but had no success with that. Because my weight was so low I had a subclavian catheter and had to hook myself up to IV feedings; that was no help either. In fact, it made me very sick. Everything I did made me sick. I was very depressed and hopeless. I went to chiropractors, did energy testing, tried to take vitamins and homeopathic remedies, etc., etc. My last big attempt at trying to get help was in going to Los Angeles for 3 weeks to a New Age chiropractor, where I spent $10,000 – with no improvement. After that I told God He would have to heal me because I was finished throwing money away. I would rather give any money I had to Him.

I contacted a few churches in the area during those years but no one had ever heard of such a condition and didn’t know how to help me. I had a hard time with this illness also because all my life I believed that everything that happened to a person came from God – good and bad. Why was He punishing me this way? Why was He angry with me? My family had just about given up contact with me and now God had deserted me. The emotional pain was as bad as the physical pain. I used to walk on the road and behind the trailers near gravel pits, where I could be alone and no one would see me and I would cry out to God for help. Sometimes I would even kneel in the dirt and cry and beg Him to help me. I felt so alone.

At one of the churches I had called, the person asked me if I had ever been through deliverance. I didn’t even know what that was. She told me to come there and they would pray for me, so I did. I hired someone to drive me to Dallas to the church (I couldn’t even drive any more because of all the reactions I had) and a group of 4 people talked with me, I repented of some things, and they prayed for me. On the way home I remember feeling so warm, like a blanket was wrapped around me, and I couldn’t stop smiling. I started reading my Bible every day after that and started to feel some hope for my life.

Ten days after the meeting at the church I was reading my Bible outside and went to my trailer for some water. My foot slipped on the step of the trailer, I lunged for the handle but missed it, and my body went down on my right side onto the concrete. I lay there and couldn’t move and couldn’t even feel my hands and feet. I called out and someone finally came and found me. I declined going to the emergency room – because of fear of the chemicals in the hospital and because I really thought my injuries were minor, so someone carried me to my cot. After about 8 hours my right leg from the knee down was three times its size, hard as a rock and a funny bluish-gray color; the pain had become unbearable.

I finally had to call an ambulance to come and get me and then spent a week in the hospital while the doctors tried to decide what to do with me. The top of the tibia had been crushed, the fibula was broken and I had numerous cuts and bruises on my body. The EI doctor said I couldn’t stand to have any surgery or to have any materials put inside my body; the orthopedic doctor said the only hope was to have surgery. I left the hospital a week later in a full-leg cast that I had on for over 2 months. The pain I experienced was the worst I have ever had because I could take no medications and I was in constant pain.

During the healing process I used a wheelchair and a walker for over a year; the healing came very slowly. The days I was in the cast I couldn’t move out of my trailer and the loneliness, frustration, and anger at God grew. I also couldn’t get out of my trailer to the building where the kitchen was to fix my food so I had to rely on others to do it and sometimes that didn’t happen for a long time. I felt like I was so alone and starving. Why had this happened, especially since I was starting to have some hope?

I never had thought much about God and healing. A person who had also come to stay in the EI housing area had told me that the chemicals weren’t the cause of the illness; it was the devil and evil spirits. I dismissed what she said because I didn’t understand it at all. She later died, so that confused me more. A church group used to come to the housing group and read the Bible, pray, and sing – but I couldn’t see what good that would do and I resisted attending when they were there. I was angry with God and couldn’t understand why He wasn’t helping me.

One day I was standing outside talking with another person. A friend passed by on her way to the trash container, turned around and handed something to me. She said she wasn’t interested in the letter; it was probably from some church that wanted her money, but that I might be interested. It was a letter from someone who was in contact with Be in Health™; she gave a phone number that she could call if she was interested in getting help with MCS. That was 2 years after the accident with my leg and I had since given up hoping for any medical help. I had told God I was waiting for Him to help. I wondered if this might be what I had been waiting for, so I called the number that night. I spoke with 2 people who gave me hope that I really could be healed because others had been and God was no respecter of persons. I cried all night because I felt that finally this is what I had wanted. I spoke with someone on the phone weekly for 8 months and then finally had enough strength – physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually – to move to Georgia.

My healing did not happen overnight, nor was it easy. I had to really begin to look at my life, issues that I needed to deal with, and to learn who God really was – especially God the Father. He is good, He is love. I had a lot of anger built up, a lot of rejection, lots and lots of fear. I had lived in fear and avoidance for so many years and now had to reprogram my thoughts, words, and actions to agree with God’s. It was hard work but so worth it! I now live in a normal environment, eat food, wear nice clothes, drive again, and am not afraid of everything! Praise God. And my leg – the last time I had an x-ray of the tibia, it was perfectly formed, no traces of the jagged bones that had been there! I never thought I would ever be able to live this way again. God is good. Never give up or think anything is too hard for God.