For My Life
  • Teaching on roots of disease
  • Healing profiles ministry/prayer
  • One-on-one ministry

For My Life is a two-part program:

Phase 1 – For My Life – one week of teaching, ministry and deliverance
Phase 2 – Walk Out Workshop – one week to practice what you’ve learned
You should plan on coming to both week-long programs and take them consecutively (in a row) if at all possible. 

For My Life is foundational teaching on the spiritual roots of disease and how a breakdown in relationships causes spiritual, emotional and physical problems. For My Life is a foundational teaching to help you become a doer of the Word of God. It will utterly change your life! You’ll be able to discover if there are any areas of misunderstanding—or even ignorance—about what the Bible really says. You’ll also learn why breakdown in relationships can cause spiritual, emotional and even physical problems. You’ll learn what the Bible says about God’s desire that we prosper and be in health, and how our choices can block His blessings. Things like bitterness, anger, envy and self-hatred are the problems that can be removed from our lives. 
All of our teachings are based on cutting-edge research from science and medicine, with real answers for the cure from God’s own Word. Each program begins Monday morning and ends Friday evening after our church service. 
The campus is located in Thomaston, GA, about  an hour south of the Atlanta airport. Click on the “Register Now” button for more information and the program dates.
Healed from Scoliosis! 
Along with my husband, I attended For My Life in 2012. On the last day of ministry I received healing from scoliosis! I am free from back pain and praising God! 
I am so grateful for the ministry of Be In Health. I have been deeply affected in a liberating way, with how the staff, teachers, and everyone has been open and transparent with their own experiences.
The Holy Spirit is free to reveal the love of the Father through yielded vessels who minister here. This contributed to much of my healing, I am very grateful.”
Diana from Texas
I’m on the Other Side of Depression! 
I had a year-long battle with depression and on Monday during the For My Life Program it began to lift. By Friday it was far behind me. 
The week prior to coming to the conference was one of my most self-destructive times of my life. And to now be on the other side—what a miracle!
I feel so blessed regardless of how long and crooked my path has been to find myself at Be In Health. I cannot help but testify of God’s greatness.
Henry from California
I Overcame Addictions, Depression, Pain!
Wow, just thinking of what God did for me at For My Life has me in tears of awe even now. Before I came I felt overwhelmed with life. I had clinical depression as well as rashes, joint pain, depression, oppression, foggy thinking, and sleepiness/exhaustion.
I learned that all of these aches and issues were not me! I am not overwhelmed any longer! God healed me... My head is clearer than I can ever remember. 
The bumps on my arms that I've had since childhood are gone, the arches in my feet are being restored (they were flattening and are now rising!) I'm peaceful, hopeful, loving my family and friends without reserve and actually receiving love in return. My heart is full and overflowing….God also delivered me from alcoholism and the urges are completely gone! 

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ACCOMMODATION DISCOUNT FOR 2-WEEK REGISTRATIONS: Sign up for For My Life and the Walk Out Workshop that follows it, and stay at the Pleasant Valley Retreat center, and receive 50% off accommodation fees for the second week. To take advantage of this, fill out the Pre-Registration form for For My Life, and check the box to indicate that you are interested in the 2-week accommodation discount. Registration will follow up with you to book housing as part of its follow-up process for For My Life registrations.