Summer Triple Programs

When you attended a Be in Health conference or took the For My Life Program, you heard a lot of truth from the Word of God. You know the blessing of hearing truth that makes you free. In my life as a believer, I have lost track of how often a new revelation from the Word has made me freer and turned me into an overcomer in many areas of my life.

Now, like you, I have a strong desire to save this generation of kids and youth. I want them to hear and understand the Word that holds life to establish them as the next generation of overcomers.

July 2015 4ML Youth

A new group of youth overcomers from For My Life 2015

I am sure that you agree with me when I say that I do not want to lose any more of our youth and kids to the wiles of the devil and the world. Your financial gifts to Be in Health will help us reach our youth and kids.

Our increasingly godless society boosted by the lewdness and crudeness of television and the internet lead our youth and kids to think that God is irrelevant. You have experienced how the Word of God is able, like a two-edged sword, to cut through all of the devil’s deceits and expose them. They need to hear the Word in a way that gives them the very practical ability to discern between good and evil. That is what Be in Health does very well and that is why we hope you will click the Donate Now button below.

Be in Health’s triple programs - For My Life and the Walk Out Workshop for adults, youth and kids all in the same week - are this summer: June, July and August. I would like to host 1,000 people through our programs. With your help and my Team Members’ help, I can easily do this. We have had over 1000 youth and kids attend the programs! I want even more youth and kids this summer because they are our future. I need to immediately train them to properly discern what is good for them and not good for them. Do you feel the same sense of urgency that I feel? The time to reach the next generation is now!

One of the powerful strategies we use for the triple For My Life and Walk Out Workshop Programs is that we have the whole family in Thomaston for the week. We teach and minister to the adults in our sanctuary, while simultaneously we break down the same principles into ways a youth and kid can understand. It is very bonding for the family to go through this together.

A For My LIfe Family: Mom and Dad took teh adults program while their daughters went through the youth and Kids program.

A For My Life Family: Mom and Dad took the Adults program while their daughters went through the Youth and Kids program.

Some of the results of these programs are: parent and child relationships have been restored, deafness healed, severe allergies removed, cancer gone, learning disabilities and autism disappear.  Those are exciting testimonies and just as exciting is knowing that the youth and kids leave with the understanding of their true identity, having their broken hearts healed, loving God, and full of passion and tools to defeat bitterness, rejection, fear, jealousy and unloving. They leave as a sharp bunch of overcomers that are nestled into a safe family prepped to walk through the enemy’s wiles once they get home.


Thank you for your generosity and your passion to establish the next generation of overcomers!

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