For My Life® – Thomaston Campus - $399/week

Walkout Workshop® (WOW) – Thomaston Campus - $399/week

  • Your first part of the journey is to join us in Thomaston for two weeks and two programs. First, you’ll attend For My Life® where you’ll learn the basics through teaching and also receive ministry.
  • Next, the Walkout Workshop® (WOW) will give you time to put these new principles into practice.
  • Finally, bring the whole family to both programs. Your children and teenagers can have the same amazing transformation when you come together during the summer and experience 4ML and WOW as a family! Imagine what it will be like when everyone understands these principles and you are unified in your hearts as overcomers. Click here to read more about our Triple Weeks

Those two weeks—whether you do them together or at separate times—will give you an abundance of freedom.  Many people receive healing of physical issues, and most are radically changed. You’ll have an opportunity to line up with God in your spirit, soul and body. You’ll learn how to come into obedience so that the blessings promised in the Bible will overtake you!

Most people find that these two programs radically change their lives. They say, “If only I had learned these principles sooner.” This is how you begin having the life you’ve always wanted—being fully immersed in God’s love, being able to properly love yourself, and then out of the fullness of those two foundations, truly loving others. Watch this intro video and get a taste for the freedom that can be yours.

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