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City of Refuge
A Gift to the Body of Christ

November 27-December 2

December 4-9, 2016
We are offering City of Refuge twice this year, registration is available on a first come first served basis for each program and seating is limited to 150 per class.  If you are planning to attend the DEC WOW following attending City of Refuge, we recommend registering for the DEC 4 class.


It is that time of year when we begin gearing up for City of Refuge®. In preparing, we thought about the significance of one life. Consider the ripple effect of one life being changed:

  • Eternity will never be the same; Father God regains a son or daughter.
  • As God’s children, we learn to yield ourselves to the Father and become healthy in spirit, soul and body.
  • Then, the Body of Christ may care for each other; compassionate and loving people will restore the generations of their families and their brothers and sisters in the Lord.

These three points encapsulate the mission we had in mind from the very beginning: establishing generations of overcomers.

"It is personal - these are our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our children, our co-workers, our neighbors, and our friends. This is our eternal family; each individual needs our help."

Helping others isn’t just something we teach our children. Helping others is something we all should be doing as children of God. Caring for people includes the sharing of our finances, which helped Ryan attend City of Refuge® in 2015:

I have been very blessed listening to the speakers this week. I am very thankful to have the scales come off my eyes!
I have been healed of many things. Thank You! - Ryan (17)

We can impact one life at a time. We invite you to be part of this work that God is doing as a sponsor for the City of Refuge® 2016. City of Refuge® is a complete For My Life® program for just a $25 registration fee! The regular tuition for this program is $399, so we are practically giving it away and that is why we need you to sponsor this program.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to come to the City of Refuge. I now have the tools to begin a journey of reformation in my life with God’s help. I know what I learned will not only impact me, but my future marriage and children, and the generations to come. - Erica (24)

Be in Health® has given the For My Life® program away at City of Refuge® for eight years in a row; 2016 will be our ninth year! The average attendance has been 288 people; last year 297 people attended and this year we expect over 300! By sponsoring the City of Refuge® you will help pay the $120,000 of tuition that would normally be charged for the For My Life® program.  Become a sustaining sponsor by pledging $34 per month for one year, which will pay the full tuition for one person attending the City of Refuge®.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to share freedom with others! There are clinically measurable, positive differences in the lives of those who attend For My Life®; it has been scientifically proven. From the beginning God has been the Great Physician! We need to seek Him in spirit and in truth to discover the freedom that is promised to the children of God.

Provide somebody with freedom right now by filling out the response card, or go online to You may also call in your gift to 706-646-2074 extension 179. Giving a real and lasting solution to others is such a blessing!

I have been challenged to become an active participant in building God’s Kingdom. I will do the Berean thing and continue to learn and reach out to my family and friends with this message. - Brian (66)

Perhaps you do not realize the impact of your gift. Life after life is changed because of the gifts being made by people just like you.

The City of Refuge® program taught me who I am, gave me a closer relationship with my Father, and changed my life!                          - Micheline (53)

We continue to offer City of Refuge® year after year because we see such great fruit in the lives of the people that attend.

Would you help create more ripples in the lives and families of people like Ryan, Erica, Brian and Micheline? Make an eternal impact by helping restore one life at City of Refuge® 2016, December 4th - 9th. Become a sustaining sponsor by pledging $34 a month and join your faith with ours for more restored relationships and more ripples!

The four testimonies in this letter are your family. They are representative of your mother or father, sister or brother, children, co-workers, neighbors and friends overcoming. Refuge Makes Ripples; it starts with you. Join us!

Dr. Henry and Pastor Donna Wright

P.S. Make an eternal impact by helping restore one life at City of Refuge® 2016, December 4th - 9th. Become a sustaining sponsor by pledging $34/month before November 15th. Have a ripple effect and add to the over 2,300 prior attendees who are making ripples every day in their homes and community!

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